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Got something to sell?

Call 0412746280 or e-mail contact@dutchly.com.au


How it works

1. Find an item

Browse the Dutchly listings to find an item that interests you.

2. Contact Dutchly with any questions on a listing

If you have any questions about a listing on Ductchly you can contact us for further information.

3. Buy an item at the right price for you

The current price of a listing is constantly falling. The rate is determined by the start and reserve prices and the auction start and end dates.

To buy an item you have to provide your name, contact number and email address. Without this information you can not select ‘Buy Now’.

4. A member of the Dutchly team will contact you

To arrange payment and pick up or delivery a member of the Dutchly team will contact you within 24 hours of the auction ending.

All payments are in cash. Additional payments options, including EFTs can be negotiated.

Delivery is currently free. No items will be posted. Dutchly will deliver within the Greater Darwin area. If you are outside the Greater Darwin area then you will need to arrange to pick up your item.

Contact Dutchly